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Training Services

We offer board & train, private lessons, and day training. 

In our services we work on obedience, manners, public outings, dog to dog reactivity, and behavior modification.



Australian shepherd and Maltese
"My two dogs (Maltese and an Aussie) thrive under the attention, care, and training at loyal companion k9. Nichole not only takes such good care of them but establishes routines and methods that work when they go home.(the attached picture is one of many Nichole took while she was caring and training them….such a comfort to see them when they are in her care)"
~ Kimberly, Bentley & Charlie

In training it gives you the opportunity to have your dog become the best they can be!

Getting your dog to be the best they can be will take time, but when your relationship grows in training then so does their trust in you.

Our training programs are made for your goals in mind for what you want in your dog. Taking your dog on a walk without them reacting to other dogs, people, bikes, cars, etc. Are you wanting people over and having your dog not jump on your guests? We can help you get your dog to have the manners they need to succeed with people in the house.



Give us a call or send an email

We would love to talk to you about your goals you want for your dog. Tell us about what problems you're having and how you have address them in the past. 


Scheduling training

We find a date that works best for you and us. Once we find a date and time we put you on our calendar for selected date. 


Let the training begin!

Once everything is set up for scheduling we then start the training! If you choose private lessons, board & train, or day training we set you up with how to get your dog prepared and what to bring. Then the fun begins!


About the program:

I meet you for an hour once a week and show you what to do with your pup. Then what you learned during that session you practice throughout the week until we meet again. For the private lessons I have y’all come to my house for lessons. If you know you have time to practice and train him throughout the week this is always a good option but if you know you don’t have the time board and train is better for you.

What's included:

  • Obedience

  • Home Manners

  • Dog reactivity

  • Confidence building/Fearful dogs

  • Owner handling skills

  • Puppy manners

  • Jumping, digging, chewing, mouthing, etc.


Who this program is for:

Private lessons are great for anyone that has time during the day to work on your dog at home. If you work more than 10 hours a day private lessons might not be for you. Lessons is also good for any good that has a history of being fear aggressive towards people.

basic obedience

Who this program is for:

Board and Train is perfect for anyone who doesn't have the time to be as consistent is the beginning stages of training. This is also a great opportunity to have your dog do board and train while your out of town.


About the program:

Your pup would stay with us for a certain amount of time and we would do all the training for you. When you pick him up you get an hour lesson of everything he learned and then one more lesson for either the next week or 2 to make sure everything is going good.

For board and train we have different week options.

We recommend dogs to be crate trained before coming to our house for board and train. If you need help with getting them crate trained we can do a lesson before hand to get you on the right track. 


We do payment plans for board and train. We split the payment into 3rds, the 1st payment is a deposit to hold your spot, 2nd payment is at drop off, and 3rd is at pick up. 

What's included:

  • 2 weeks we get them to do obedience in the house, backyard and parks. 

  • 3 weeks we are able to get all the obedience in our house but then the 3rd week we start going to different locations like Home Depot, restaurants, etc.

  • 4 weeks we really get the obedience a lot more solid out in public as well as start off leash training 

  • 5 weeks we do off leash training 



About online training program:

On Tuesday and Thursday you will drop off your dog before work between 6:30-7:30am for a day of training, then pick up before 6:30pm that day. The only exception for day training is we won’t work on aggression issues toward people. This program is for a total of 8 weeks, we want to make sure that we get the 8 weeks done within 10 weeks due to vacations and time off. Everyday your dog is here you will get a video of what we worked on so you can work on it at home. There will be no lessons unless absolutely needed for certain dogs. This is a great way to have your dog go home tired and learn something new but also you still get to enjoy them at home. Payments will be every Tuesday until the 8 weeks is over.

Pitbull, labrador, mini aussie, blackmouth cur

This program is for:

Anyone who is wanting their dog to go through training but can't decide if private lessons or board and train is the right option. If you don't know if your dog can do over night stays or your not sure you can live without your dog longer than 2 weeks. You will still need to do homework but it won't be as intense as private lesson homework.



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