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When it comes to your dog we know there's a lot of questions that are asked. We have a lot of answers for you. Below goes over the most questions we get but if your question isn't answered reach out and we will happily answer them for you.

What makes you different to other trainers?


We are balanced based training which means we teach the dogs right from wrong. We use all types of training tools from slip leash to remote collar as well as yummy treats. This will all depend on what the dogs needs and you need to communicate to your dog.

Where does my dog stay and what do I bring?

Your dog will be staying in our home where we provide a structured home routine. Your dog will be staying crate that is well fitted to their size. We provide our own crates as well as a crate pad for extra comfort. You just need to bring their food and we have everything else covered for you.

How long is my dog trained for?

This all depends on the dog how long they can last for training. Each training dog gets 3 sessions a day. Their day will consist of training, playtimes, exercise and relaxing throughout the day

Do I get updates?

Absolutely you get updates! We post on our instagram stories daily with your dogs progress as well as the fun they are having. If you don't have instagram we always send a picture or video once a week. 

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